Sexy Athletic Love Doll Blake

You’ll be guarenteed a sweaty work out with this athletic beauty – just be sure you can keep up with her! Her toned physique and exposed abdomen will drive you crazy. Fuck her furiously, she can certainly take whatever you want to give to her.

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realistic sex doll Blake athletic girl

luxury sex doll Blake American athletic girl

Take a moment to look up from her amazing perky boobs and into her ‘fuck me’ eyes and you’ll be struggling to keep your dong in your pants. Don’t hang about, just bend the horny bitch over and slam her in her tight pussy before stretching her sweet young ass with your stiff penis.

Amazingly soft, taut realistic skin, with an internal skeleton making her so easy to position and move about. A love making session with this energetic beauty will not only burn calories, it will leave you happy and content with the warm after sex glow that comes from depositing your sperm inside such a girl.

Blake can be ordered online in the USA for shipping worldwide at Silicone Wives

Real Body Julia

Real Body Julia – $533

Real Body Julia is a perfect cloned replica of the torso (including her amazing breasts) of a famous and beautiful Japanese AV star.

This luxury doll-masturbator includes a faithful recreation of Julia’s beautiful, slender waist and her trademark immaculate breasts. It is inscribed with Julia’s autograph for authenticity and also features two realistic holes (anal and vaginal) between her legs for you to experience Julia fully.

This is a great choice if you are looking at trying a luxury silicone sex doll but don’t yet want to spend the 2 or 3 thousand dollars required.

Hannah Harper Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

hannah-harper-2Hannah Harper $319

Enjoy a pornstar in your bed every day and night of the week with this realistic as they cum inflatable sex doll from PIPEDREAM. Although inflatable, don’t confuse this work of art with a cheap blow-up doll. This doll has an incredibly realistic and pretty 3D painted face with luscious hair and piercing lifelike eyes. It has perky breasts and suckable nipples, and of course, a tight realistic pussy AND ass!!

Teddy Babe Plush Sex Dolls

Teddy Babe plush sex dolls are a range of realistic love dolls made from a very different material to the standard silicone used in the likes of ‘Real Dolls’ and most Japanese lifelike sex dolls.  Plush is a soft cuddly material that yet makes for incredibly realistic dolls.

The Teddy Babes come in a number of different dolls, each with different hair and facial features.


Ordinary vs Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Dolls

The Teddy Babes come in two different price categories – the standard Teddy Babes costing $700 and the newer deluxe Teddy Babes that cost $1,200.

What is the difference between the two types of Teddy Babe and why spend more on a deluxe version?

  • The Deluxe Teddy Babes measure 5ft4″ whereas the standard Teddy Babes measure just 4ft.
  • The Deluxe models have longer legs, and more realistic feet and hands.  You can even put shoes on the feet and rings on their fingers!
  • The Deluxe Teddy Babes have improved rear ends, with better defined ass cheeks that are ripe for spanking and groping!  Very easy also to get thongs and g-strings to fit on them.
  • The navels of the Deluxe Teddy Babes are deeper and better defined.
  • The pubic hair of the Deluxe Teddy Babes is bushier and more realistic.

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Life Size Inflatable Japanese Doll

naughty-neikoNaughty Neiko ($42)

Naughty Neiko is a life size inflatable Japanese sex doll that features luscious long legs and a realistic 3D face.  Also boasts massive double D breasts – the perfect Japanese girl for you to fuck as you please.  Insertable male masturbator is as complex and as pleasing as you would expect from a Japanese sex toy.  Can be used as a pocket pussy in its own right.

Teddy Babe Sex Doll – Carly

teddy carlyTeddy Babe Carly ($1200)

The famous Teddy Babe range of ultra-realistic plush sex dolls are now available in the USA.

Carly is perhaps the best plush doll in the Teddy Babe range.  Standing no less than 5ft 4inches tall, Carly has all the perfect dimensions of your fantasy dream girl.

Carly will always be there for you.  You can dress her up in any way you want.  Her limbs are flexible and she will be only too willing to be put into any position you want.  Soft and warm, these sex dolls are rapidly becoming the most popular in the world.

Best Japanese Plush Doll

My Wife Type Mirai Plush Doll ($501)

my wife plush doll

The latest in the serious called ‘My Wife, this is the best Japanese plush doll that I’ve yet seen. Beautiful big eyes and a far more realistic and pretty face than any of the other plush dolls thus far. This doll is a complete torso and head, with the ability to insert your own onaholes. The My Wife plush doll has the kind of hip to waist ratio that you (and every American woman) can only dream about!

Hannah Harper Sex Doll

Hannah HarperHannah Harper Love Doll ($235)

One of the most popular of the realistic inflatable dolls on the market – modelled on pornstar Hannah Harper, the doll comes with a three dimensional pretty face complete with inviting pussy and ass.

The face of the doll is very pretty – quite rare for an inflatable doll.  Readers have even reported that they love kissing it!  It looks a little younger than the actual pornstar, something like a Barbie doll even.

Face, pussy, and ass are all made from ultra-realistic FantaFlesh.  The pussy and ass sleeves have both been highly rated by satisfied customers.  If this is your price range, you won’t get much better than the Hannah Harper sex doll!

Love Doll NP Premium Sex Doll

The Love Doll NP is one of the most premium sex dolls in Japan – and that’s saying something.  Just take a look at the photo below to see the amazing quality (click on image for further information) :

love doll np

The skin tone has a radient youthful peachiness that almost transcends and surpasses human skin.  The face is so realistic and pretty that you can even fall in love with it (and many Japanese men have).

Japanese dolls are composite, which means you can choose from a huge variety of faces, hair styles, eyes, breasts etc to make your perfect dream doll sweetheart.

Best Realistic Sex Doll

MyDollRealistic MyDoll ($2,999)

For years RealDolls have had the market to themselves when it comes to Realistic Silicone Love Dolls in North America.  But now MyDoll has appeared.  Not only are the dolls more beautiful than the RealDolls – on a par with the famous Japanese sex dolls, in fact – but these dolls are substantially cheaper than any realistic sex dolls that have ever been sold in the USA.

These amazingly realistic and life-like sex dolls can be bought for just $2,999 – providing a life-time of comfort and sex that is as good as the real thing but without any of the hassles.

These dolls are so realistic that they even have their own internal skeletons.  You can even choose the skeleton yourself, thus determining the shape of the girl, as well as her eye and hair colour.  All the MyDolls have ultra-realistic vaginas and anuses for you to fuck.