Best Realistic Sex Doll

MyDollRealistic MyDoll ($2,999)

For years RealDolls have had the market to themselves when it comes to Realistic Silicone Love Dolls in North America.  But now MyDoll has appeared.  Not only are the dolls more beautiful than the RealDolls – on a par with the famous Japanese sex dolls, in fact – but these dolls are substantially cheaper than any realistic sex dolls that have ever been sold in the USA.

These amazingly realistic and life-like sex dolls can be bought for just $2,999 – providing a life-time of comfort and sex that is as good as the real thing but without any of the hassles.

These dolls are so realistic that they even have their own internal skeletons.  You can even choose the skeleton yourself, thus determining the shape of the girl, as well as her eye and hair colour.  All the MyDolls have ultra-realistic vaginas and anuses for you to fuck.

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