Japanese Plush Doll

japanese plushEri Nanjo Japanese Plush Doll ($613)

Japanese plush dolls are made from luxurient foam like material and are becoming increasingly popular as a means of producing cheaper sex dolls that are cheaper but still as beautiful as their more expensive silicone sisters. The soft plush material makes for dolls that have pliant limbs and soft and cuddly bodies. Little wonder that they have quickly become so popular with Japanese men!

You can now buy plush dolls directly from Japan at Kanojo Toys (click on image above) with worldwide shipping at a very low rate. You can be sure that you won’t find these dolls cheaper anywhere else. The Eri Nanjo plush doll featured in the image comes with a beautiful soft Japanese onahole masturbator hole for out of this world penetration. Your own cute Japanese sex doll girl that is as nice to cuddle in bed as it is to fuck. Other models available in the range.

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