Sasha Grey 3 Holes Sex Doll

Sasha GreySasha Grey 3 Holes Doll ($21)

Sasha Grey is one of the most popular pornstars on the planet, and this new three holed love doll of her is sure to be one of the most popular cheap sex dolls ever.

Made from soft latex-free PVC, this doll has a surprisingly cute and life-like face, as well as three different holes for you to fuck while looking into it.

70’s Retro Sex Doll

70s doll1970s’ Retro Style Inflatable Sex Doll ($24)

A sexy little disco ho that will take you all the way back to the 1970’s.  This bitch is feeling groovy and is in the mood for some serious free love baby.  Don’t worry, she is empowered and on the pill, and ready to drop her bell bottoms at the drop of a hat.

This sexy 70’s style retro sex doll has three holes ready for fucking.  Lif-sized and with a busty figure, she’ll soon have you dancing to her groovy disco beat!

Japanese Plush Doll

japanese plushEri Nanjo Japanese Plush Doll ($613)

Japanese plush dolls are made from luxurient foam like material and are becoming increasingly popular as a means of producing cheaper sex dolls that are cheaper but still as beautiful as their more expensive silicone sisters. The soft plush material makes for dolls that have pliant limbs and soft and cuddly bodies. Little wonder that they have quickly become so popular with Japanese men!

You can now buy plush dolls directly from Japan at Kanojo Toys (click on image above) with worldwide shipping at a very low rate. You can be sure that you won’t find these dolls cheaper anywhere else. The Eri Nanjo plush doll featured in the image comes with a beautiful soft Japanese onahole masturbator hole for out of this world penetration. Your own cute Japanese sex doll girl that is as nice to cuddle in bed as it is to fuck. Other models available in the range.

Agent 69 International Sex Doll

Agent 69Agent 69 International Love Doll ($182)

A glamorous Russian looking sex doll that is already one of the most popular and highly rated on the market.

One look at the realistic looking pretty face and you can see why this doll is a notch above most in this price range.  Perky breasts and a pussy and ass made from life-like fantasy flesh make this a deluxe sex doll at a bargain price.

This KGB bitch might be lethal with a gun in her hand but in bed she’s yours to own and command – cum in her mouth, pussy, and ass as often as you want to.  Definately one of the best sex dolls in the under $200 category.

Best Inflatable Sex Doll – Mia Isabella

Mia IsabellaMia Isabella Deluxe Doll ($219)

The Mia Isabella is the most realistic inflatable sex doll we have ever seen.  From the lush hair to the beautiful eyes, Mia’s face is so incredibly detailed that you will have the orgasm of your life as you pound her tight pussy whilst looking deep into her piercing life-like eyes.

Mia’s pussy and anus are made from realistic fanta-flesh, and her body, complete with moveable arms, is made from deluxe vinyl.  Your personal pornstar to keep, own, and fuck!

Inflatable Wife Doll

Inflatable Wife DollInflatable Wife Doll ($7.81)

O.K, we’re not saying this is the best sex doll in the world, but it might just be the best sex doll you can buy for UNDER $10!!  You can’t really go wrong with an inflatable doll at this price, so long as you don’t expect a realistic doll you’ll enjoy fucking more than a real wife.  Worth giving a try if you’re buying other toys at sextoysfun.

Suzie Q Sex Doll

suzie q sex dollSuzie Q Love Doll ($24.68)

A reasonable inflatable doll for the price, the Surprising Suzie Q has all of what you would expect at in this bracket. 

Stand out features include a deep throat mouth, firm breasts and lovely hard erect nipples to suckle upon.

Also has a deep anus hole.

Delivered in discreet packaging from SexToyFun.